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The new Clé de Cartire watches series

As a pioneer in the creation of creative, Cartire has always regarded the spirit of innovation as the inherent concept of brand. The forward-looking spirit not only created the numerous technological innovation, bring more subversive brand-new design: Santos watch square shape, tank watch rectangle shape. So the birth of a series of model and establish a new aesthetic style in the timepiece over, beyond the test of time. Creative, passionate and excellent quality is the hundred years of enduring secret. Cl de Cartier series Cartire this year issued new, bearing is so extraordinary quality.

Cartire watch is to explore the three-dimensional design, highlighting the aesthetic architectural masterpiece. The brand always adhere to highlight the shape characteristics in watch design, strong lines and extraordinary appearance as the highlight styles. Cl de Cartier series is no exception. It is a breakthrough in the field of imagination, the new element of the compact curve into the brand advanced design. From the side view, watch a circular arch and streamlined, smooth and soft, with organic and ergonomic standards. Full of charm of the table body perfect fit wrist, comfortable to wear. This watch will bring Cartire style, enjoy the same tactile and visual. On the side of the table, the perfect balance of the unique design. The name of the new watch from the elements: like jewelry, the key to the shape of the crown.

Clé de Cartier

There are obviously series problems in design: how to create new designs in a perfect circle. This task seems to be an easy job to first, however seemingly simple works must have hidden trouble. The design is exquisite and freely retractable solution. The shape is greatly simplified, Nother nature. All the key lies in the accuracy, balance and proportion. Brand with exquisite art, to create a perfect streamline appearance, elegant and simple style and harmonious unity of beauty. The watch will no longer have sharp edges, fine round bezel, the ear is soft and conical table. All parts of the masterpiece to give freely flowing style of writing, wonderful, intuitive and natural feeling. As the shape of shape, so.

Cartire in the design of novel crown has a rich history, the Cl de Cartier series also inherited this tradition. This time, the crown is not only the most common watch watch is more attract sb.’s attention, the name of the source of inspiration. The French “CL e” is the key, the new crown and the appearance of a key is very similar. The table the mode of operation of the crown to adjust the time and date in the senior tabulation world called the initiative – a reminiscent of the use of a key for the ancient tradition of clocks on the chain…. The new table crown volume, easy to operate. The utility function is not the only advantage of it, the watch itself is a piece of exquisite beyond compare. Table crown shape slender and simple, inlaid a Cabochon sapphire, the damascene process is don’t from the traditional approach: Jewel is skillfully embeds a crown, and alignment around the metal coating.

The new chain mechanism is not only practical, more satisfactory. This mechanism follows the idea that the user is the one that is equipped with a system that can adjust the time easily. After the adjustment, the crown can be pushed to in situ, without hands can automatically return to a vertical position, worthy of the name of the contracted operation is astonishing achievements of Cartier process excellence. In addition, the design of the more special to add a pleasant sound effect, for the wearer to bring more rich sensory enjoyment. Soft clatter with rotation and push the crown action. This wonderful sound contains timepieces masterpiece affinity, excellent quality and complex process.