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1:1 Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Self-winding 34 mm in Black Ceramic

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1:1 Replica automatic winding 34 mm black ceramic movement is undoubtedly good news for enthusiasts who want a more compact but unusual simple version of the Royal Oak.

This makes the 34 mm black ceramic watch very important-it is the first basic ceramic Royal Oak. But as a Royal Oak, it feels very familiar. If you like the Royal Oak as much as I do, this is a good thing.

Despite being the simplest one in the Royal Oak replica vs real series, this new 34 mm watch is eye-catching. The rose gold decorations on the bezel and dial create just the right contrast effect, breaking the monochromatic ceramics and bringing luxury to the black ceramics.

Ceramics are becoming more and more common in Replica Watch Report Reviews . Even affordable brands like Tudor and Bell & Ross offer ceramic cases, but this material is still difficult to machine, especially because it defines the quality of the Royal Oak’s finishing.

It takes about 30 hours to assemble a piece of ceramic Royal Oak, including the processing and finishing of the case and bracelet-by comparison, the equivalent steel or gold Royal Oak takes about 7 hours.

All of this takes more time, mainly because of the extremely high hardness of ceramics, which makes the AAA grade audemars piguet replica watches material actually scratch resistant, but also causes it to wear tools faster. At the same time, ceramics require higher-strength tools, such as diamond-coated drill bits.