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Do not be late, straight into the topic. According to my original idea, I would have liked to write an article about Rolex
transactions today, and share with you the most expensive and lowest-priced Rolex in recent deals. But unfortunately, I want
to verify some of the time when the computer does not even find the Internet. But no relationship, I decided to share with
you the next hot topic, the color of the Royal Oak offshore status and market conditions, and why conditions permitting,
color offshore is now the most worth buying watch.

The first is, now is the summer, I believe that most of our country people have been put on a short-sleeved shirt,
“Competition” when the watch again. However, I am very sorry that whenever this time, most of the performance of the watch
can not let us completely satisfied, because it is not big enough, because the recognition is not high enough, in the most
need to “show the wrist” when not enough Express, so that people can not immediately recognize the wrist on our watch. On
the other hand, we will find that many Rolex, Omega, nations, Cartier and other watches, we wear a lot of people around us,
we can not achieve in the crowd “beyond”. Even the green water ghost, orange hippocampus, big fly, large blue balloons and
so on. It makes me feel like wearing a Rolex walk in the street without “fun”. So I changed the Rolex to Panerai, but the
recognition is very high, but as we have seen, our side of the Panerai is still a lot.

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The second is that although the new color in 2017, the royal oak offshore may not have been on the store, may have to wait
until the second half, but now in the secondary market has been able to get a few colors of color offshore The And these
colors, white, orange, blue, yellow, green market is different. Some color prices lower, some color prices higher. We know
that in this market environment, many watches can use a very low discount, such as with a discount of 50% can get a new new
table, but the color of the Royal Oak offshore value is very high, and individual colors The transaction price is

We need to pay attention to is that before the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore are mainly offshore chronograph, and now
the new color Royal Oak Offshore is a three-pin diving watch.

We all know that the color plate is the first in the nations fly, Audemars Piguet oak offshore driven, began to fire up.
Nations of the color of the big fly in the fire for some time, with the annual replacement of the main push of the series,
the second year of the country will not push the fly, the color of the heat to fly over. But the Audemars Piguet oak
offshore type, in the initial launch of the color of the “volcano”, “Hornet”, “Golden Avenue”, with the color of the
offshore heat rise, began to launch color offshore type. Last year, the introduction of a number of colored off-shore
chronograph, this year launched a color of the three-pin model, color offshore three-pin model continues to maintain the
“colorful” at the same time, showing a lot of advantages. First of all, before the color of the Royal Oak are off-shore
chronograph, chronograph prices are more expensive, give two examples, the blue chrome plate timing plate 26170 price is
more than 190,000, close to 20 Million; steel color tape color dial of the offshore chronograph 26703 public price is
200,000 early, more expensive than the previous 21670. Two color plate, color of the offshore chronograph, the price is
200,000. In the field of luxury steel sports table, the color of the offshore chronograph can be regarded as the most
expensive watch. Even in the secondary market, the color of the offshore chronograph price is not low, but also more than
ten million, than now stir-fried ceramic circle Dietong also more expensive. Color off-shore chronograph of the public
price, the market here, expensive, can only be tolerated But now there are some turning points.

Please note that this year, Audemars Piguet launched the color of the offshore type is the non-time junior needle version.
This means that the price has fallen a lot. This year the new color of the offshore large three-pin diving table 15710, all
colors, the price is 14.99. Than the price of 200,000 9 hundred color of the offshore chronograph cheap 60,000, the price
directly down (in fact, there is no timing function, for us is simply not important, the most important price is cheap). But
things are not that simple.

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Watch market is sometimes very interesting, some watch the price set low, but not a “good”. Because the price of a low
price, they entered the wolf more meat and less situation. The result is only one, then “fried” and increase the price. I
thought for some time before, this year can be fried up, plus the table to add only the Rolex ceramic circle Dietong (Di
Dayong has been over the price of 1 year … …) and the red sea of ​​the sea. Did not expect that the color offshore diving
table, there can be super-price table. At present, I understand the situation is that the new color offshore diving watch
should be Audemars Piguet shop has not yet large-scale, to wait until the second half. At present I saw the secondary market
with white, orange, green. Which green trading price over the public price, if I remember correctly, before a burst of green
transaction price, in the 16,17 million or so (if wrong, please correct. Another green color is also a few colors, The
freshest). Other colors are lower than the green, mainly other colors, like orange, white, blue, yellow in the previous
version of the offshore version of the number of occurrences are more. This year the new color offshore diving table there
is a noteworthy place is that these watches are through the bottom, and before a lot of offshore type are close.

As mentioned earlier, now to wear short-sleeved, fight wrist watch the season. Rolex, Omega, Panerai, the nations of these
mainstream watches, although are very good watches, but they have been difficult to let us in the crowd to achieve “beyond”.
As a person who likes Rolex, even I now feel that I seem to be wearing an offshore type (although I also feel expensive). We
need to identify higher, more eye-catching, worthy of the watch to achieve in the crowd “beyond”. And Audemars Piguet new
color offshore diving table can be said to be the best choice, very eye, recognition and watch the value of high. After all,
a color of the offshore type, enough “spike” around us most of the watches. But now this time point, the new color offshore
diving table to the second half of the large-scale listing, according to public sales. At this moment, the secondary market
of color offshore diving table has become a “fried” target. The most beautiful green has been overvalued, other colors are
not cheap. So, if you want to catch the summer in the first to wear a new color offshore diving table, the first in the
crowd to achieve “beyond”, then you need a big price. Now this stage is the price of high, but also wear colored seaside
diving table the best time, this watch is no doubt that this season is the best choice. Do not want to start big price ahead
of time to see you players the courage.

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In the end, I would also like to provide you with a message. The appearance of the new color offshore diving watch means
that the conventional version of the offshore diving watch market will decline, such as offshore offshore 15703 is not
expensive, although the conventional version of the offshore type is not color, the effect is worse than the new version
Some, but from the current market, is indeed a good choice, after all, a lot cheaper.