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How to select Breitling Replica Watches in daily life?

Breitling Replica Watches

Breitling Replica Watches

Buy Breitling Replica Watches

Many friends want to start Buy Breitling Replica Watches, was attracted by his bursting temperament straight men, but Breitling watches should buy, how to buy?

Buy Breitling under the budget enough, and no special preference, the possible election timing models. Breitling chronograph is one of the inventors, the timing characteristics of his family. If the budget is enough, why not buy it? Ashamed to say, my first two Breitling Di is not timed. The first one is just to buy a house because of a limited budget. The second block is a result of fanatical love diving watch sake. But timing is always one hundred people love it impossible to shake off the knot, resulting in a future I thought it, just give up until later detoxification.

Breitling Replica Watches

Breitling Replica Watches

Do not exclude second-hand. Though not encourage newcomers to buy second-hand watch, but if reliable local second-hand watches, may also wish to consider. As a result, in some places used very mature; secondly, Breitling official in Shanghai is to force the sale, if some small problems can be assured to get; three to a hundred second-hand price is not bad. Of course, I still do not recommend beginners buy second-hand, just think if you encounter a suitable, this option is not completely excluded.

Breitling each series has its own positioning. To know what you want, go to the election watch. Here that my personal very silent but a very common occurrence in the forum: Seawolf often as a selection of introductory paragraph, has also been asked if he could hold live. Sea Wolf is 3,000 meters waterproof dive watch Breitling most powerful, thick and heavy, is not suitable for everyday wear wear. Not a dive watch enthusiast, not quite sure what they are buying it for a friend, I advise you or not and will not buy. My own Seawolf are happy to wear every day, really uncomfortable. Getting money to consult a Colt (Ocean) series. There are introductory paragraph before the Super Ocean series, now being transformed into a super marine section of the young. In short, the waves are a professional dive watches, not for everyday wear introductory paragraph, is not suitable for people who do not understand it.

Breitling Replica Watches China

About Breitling Replica Watches China Avengers series. Sea Wolf and the Avengers are super Man, masculine bloody watch, but because of price reasons Seawolf entry into a paragraph, it is extremely embarrassing. The new second-generation Avengers appearance almost identical to the previous generation, but unfortunately no matter the watch diameter, thickness or weight than before a small Diudiu. Perhaps the old to see more, maybe the proportion of problem, in short, a whole new Avengers feeling in my opinion a bit weaker than the old models.

As for Avenger GMT, personally I think it is a tragedy. I just ask two: First, that the goods in addition to the grenade outside watch, which point other Avengers series and a half dime Second, read this so-called Avenger, and then compare the movie “Blood Diamond” in? those fragments Avengers photographed, are you sure this can really be called GMT Avengers? Do not tell me anything suitable to wear thin, not suitable for wearing what Asians too thick. You change the header, this watch is called the Milky Way GMT, Colt GMT will do, I will not say the slightest inappropriate, and I would strongly recommend that people buy a new piece of the watch, because it is a compromise for the market entry watch. But now dubbed the Avenger’s name, to be honest, ruined.

Breitling Replica Watches

Breitling Replica Watches

About Super Ocean series. After a bunch of Super Ocean facelift Tucao because previous Super Ocean too classic, high-cost to no friends. But my personal appreciation for such a change, since the difference. Before many series are relatively similar. The new Super Ocean is very clear, that is young and sporty, and other steel Breitling models target different. I think in the summer to buy a new super block ocean is very appropriate. Just note that diving is a rubber ring. Of course, this takes a long time to rubber aging, and not expensive for a piece. Like Panerai PAM372 lenses as you do not mind (more specifically people Panerai also equipped with a lens), but you need to know before you buy it.

About Navitimer. I’m afraid one hundred fans who like Navi most of it, I personally was the earliest it has attracted attention. Buy Navitimer need to consider two questions: First, understand the 30 meters waterproof (Editor’s Note: Just for Living Water) meaning, sure no problem and then decide; Second, the size of the problem on the dial, one hundred this year launched a large dial Navi, but personally, I have always felt Navi about 40 mm is just right, not too large. Dial because it is more complex, it feels like a big instrument, disharmony. Of course, this aesthetic thing eyes of the beholder, we do not have to listen to me, but remember to go try, do not buy a parrot to a large watch.

Swiss Breitling Replica Watches

About overseas Swiss Breitling Replica Watches series. Transocean series of people who buy less, simply because the transoceanic relatively featureless. But in fact overseas series in the history of hundreds of very classic watches, now B Transocean watch is engraved on the watch’s Logo, is a tribute to the classic meaning. I really like to do one hundred overseas and put it to promote this initiative. Finally, also like to say one thing: Transocean is great 100 meters waterproof, so it can take into account various occasions, this is the practical than Navi.

I personally have been not exclude quartz watch. When the couple asked me what to buy mechanical watches is good, I tend to go back to ask: Why not buy quartz watch quartz watch than mechanical watch and accurate, and Naicao, follow-up costs are low, but also peace of mind?. Although it wants to change the battery, but compared to the maintenance of mechanical watches to be convenient, far more economical.

Breitling Replica Watches

Breitling Replica Watches

And tens of thousands of pieces and in this price list, the mechanical movement of little value, as long as easy to use on the line. From this definition, quartz watch is a better choice. Do not tell me what men love machine like a pack of lies, and I admit that I watch on mechanical principles than to newcomers knows a bit, but so far, I’ve only had a split mechanical watch movement, in addition to once again determine their own other than ability is poor, nothing else.

But buying quartz watch two things to note: First, the quartz watch because the electronic chip board, in theory, have life; the second is not easy to repair quartz watch, if there is a problem is likely to be scrapped, but some of the old section of Breitling quartz watch and not stock parts.

But buy a piece of the new Breitling quartz watch wearing for 20 years is no problem, I think most students of mechanical watches are wearing less than 20 years I do not know what to throw to sleep.

Luxury Breitling Replica Watches

In recent years, Luxury Breitling Replica Watches came out a lot of black steel watch, I also see a lot of new people start with a black steel. For the first time to buy a new watch, I suggest that before buying black steel watch first, and so, look for some more time to see whether their own over time also like. In my personal experience, the black steel is easy to look tired. Not impossible, but to make sure you really like.

I agree with one sentence: to buy gold do not buy steel. But for a newcomer, the first to buy a watch or a unique watch, I really do not recommend buying gold. Because gold is quite soft and easily scratched. Gold scratched words also best not to polish, a little polish may always such a real 18K gold. So everyday wear, or a good steel watch. Of course, the Tyrant can automatically ignore these words.

Breitling Replica Watches

Breitling Replica Watches

Do not be too concerned about the movement problems. Breitling is characterized by the shell, do not entangled in the movement. All Breitling movements are precise, reliable, good quality, that was enough. Do not tangle which some of the high-grade, some of which low. Breitling For the price, the purchase of only a small part of the cost ETA core, do not tangle 2892 2824 if more upscale than some kettle black, when you finally have accurate travel, that is enough. You will not because it took more than 2892 and more than 2824 sold a little money. As for the production of the core, nothing else virtual sense, only the actual meaning: power for a long time, atonal date the penalty area, and a longer warranty period (5 years). In addition, hundreds of self-produced movement did not hedge any sense. Encourage people to buy the production of the core, the core is really kind of production because While practical, no other reason.

One important point: do not just look at Fig decision, always remember: FIG see a good overhand is king would not necessarily wearing beautiful!. Big data, it may not be wearing a significantly large. Before making a final decision, you must first try, remember remember!