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Replica Vacheron Constantin VS Replica Audemars Piguet

Vacheron Constantin Replica is known to do some pretty impressive one-of-a-kind commission pieces such as the reference 57260 that they created for King Farouk of Egypt…and they have been doing this literally for over a century. As the oldest running Swiss watchmaker, certain expectations are made of such an experienced brand. Time and time again, these expectations are met with unbelievably inventive replica watches.

Most people in the world would laugh at some of the features Vacheron Constantin was asked to create, yet to this master watchmaker, it is just another challenge to overcome, another checkmark on the watchmaking bucketlist.

One of the reasons why people buy Best Replica Vacheron Constantin watches is because although it is one of the most exclusive and prestigious watch brands in the world, it’s a much less recognizable brand to the average layman compared to a mainstream brand like Rolex.

Audemars Piguet Replica Watch has been a luxury Swiss watchmaker since 1875 (for over 140 years). Their brand recognition is primarily amongst watch collectors and horological connoisseurs.

Other popular series include the Royal Oak Offshore diving replica watches, the classic looking Jules Audemars collection which includes chronographs, grand complications and of course, their oval shaped Millenary collection.